Recent Work

This unique project highlights the cultural diversity within the school and will engage with the community as a 1000’ mural installed on the exterior of the school. The best part is, the children worked directly with the artist to create elements of the mural which was integrated into the finished piece.


The story started over a year ago, with a phone call to shoot all of the students at Riverside Elementary School for use as components to this mural.

This is the conclusion to the story. Let their voices be heard and bring joy to everyone who sees it.


A year and two months in the making….plus a little more.

This is the brainchild incepted by Lida Casper and supported by the Rochester Public Schools.

The Riverside Central Elementary School Identity Project in Rochester, Minnesota is now complete.  The planning phase began in 2017 in collaboration and installation with @Goodspace Murals. We came on board officially in February, 2018 to take photos of the children at Riverside Elementary. That was hands down the most insanely fun and energetic six hours of shooting all the classes kiddos in spontaneous poses on white.

The photos were part of larger plan to engage with each child-to create ART. Their ART which speaks their individual voices. Elements of their prints were incorporated into the mural exactly as you see it today...only a little larger.

This project included several outreaches with the community. In May of 2018 and in partnership with the @Rochester Children’s Museum prints were on display for the summer for everyone to see. This event wouldn’t be complete without a celebration and auction to kickoff of the project. In the following weeks GoodSpace Murals created the Illustration as you see it today. Three months later, September 2018, the Riverside Painting Party was held and was a huge success garnering over 1800 total+ community impressions and the opportunity for the public to physically paint sections of the mural.

Fast forward to February of 2019 and we (@Josh Banks and @TimelapseCameras) got the phone call.

Lida says, “You In?”
My reply...”oh boy, let’s go for it!”
...and the rest is history. Now documented in this video for you to enjoy and maybe even feel a little younger remembering what it’s like to be a child.

We applaud everyone who has been involved and are grateful for the support of the community.

A collaboration in Rochester Minnesota. Presenting a kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and fundraise for our exterior mural Art project engaging with our surrounding community. To support this project please go to:

Curious about the construction of the video?
Learn more on the blog entry.