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Mechanically my passion for graphic design started immediately after college. I graduated from Drake University with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Music Business and Music Performance with minors in business, marketing, and piano. Tenacity for perfection executed in performance directed me toward the art industry immediately. I have flare for presenting concepts with no problem in public speaking.

Post college my first employment fell into the high-speed digital printing industry. These early days of employment set the backbone of current production standards, workflow efficiency, quality control product management, accomplishment of quarterly sales goals; last but not least, customer service project management. I feel this is the most important of all.

Phrases like, "what's on your plate today? Let me help you? How can I help you with...? Where does this need to go? What are you trying to achieve with this piece?" are the backbone of your needs.

Fifteen years later after college graduation my passion is still rooted in design. Migrating from offset press to digital printing allowed me to project my talents into exterior and interior wayfinding directional signage. Print work evolved into dimensional art form through the innovative use of sign substrates, vehicle graphics and exterior building signage. It is an honor to have created for so many years working with Midwest Dairy Association, Autumn Ridge Church, Iowa State University Dairy, Rochester Miracle of Birth Center and graphics which were implemented in state fair displays throughout the Midwest.

During this time as a graphic designer my talents continued to develop and expand into photography. Why buy stock images when I can create those images exclusively tailored for your needs? When complete, these images are available for your immediate and unlimited use. In working with full color large format graphics, images must be set with certain size and parameter. Sculpting the image from the very first step ensures proper quality from start to finish. Nine years later, my talents have collided and now include 85 published food photography images, and most recently, cover photo of the year implemented and used for the Rochester Public Utilities 2017 annual report documenting a monumental effort of service and support.

I jumped both feet into video editing when I started documenting my old home renovation using the Brinno and Afidus Long Term Time Lapse Camera systems. Adapting into Premier has been a breeze since i’ve use the Adobe products for more than 15 years.  I find it intuitive, and fascinating as to how you can build, construct and convey the clients message, your story.

Including video editing to my arsenal of talents has allowed my music background come full circle. What other medium offers the opportunity to dissect music, audio tracks, apply it to video and implement graphics with photography for clients?  

My ultimate goal is to convey your message, sculpting it with you utilizing my talents in design.



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